Lengthy negotiations with the EU Commission to develop the requirements of GSR2 as they related to WAVs, in order to further update the safety and environmental performance of WAVs
Engagement with regulators and  industry to determine the best course of action to deliver future ‘E-WAVs’  based on electric vehicles in preparation for the phase-out of fossil-fueled cars”?

PAS 2012-2019 Part 1 and 2 published.

PAS 2012-2015 Part 1 and 2 published.

WAVCA becomes a Limited Company with a Board of Directors.
WAVCA continues to work with European Commission in the development of legislation for WAVs. 
WAVCA develops a European trade association for WAVs –  Organisation Européenne des Constructeurs de Véhicules Accessibles.

European Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA) legislation becomes mandatory for WAVs.
PAS 2012:2012 Parts 1 &2 published.
Motability adopts PAS 2012:12 as their Accreditation Scheme for WAVs.

2009 2011
WAVCA works with BSi to develop a new Standard for WAVs and offer a new-style accreditation system for Motability and other consumers.

WAVCA lobbies European Commission with the result that European legislation is amended to include WAVs as Special
Purpose Vehicles alongside Ambulances.

UK industry threatened by European legislation which would reduce numbers allowed under UK National Low Volume
Type Approval from 500 to 75 of any Type.

WAVCA Code of Practice published.

1st WAVs on the Motability Contract Hire Scheme.

1st WAVs on the Motability scheme.